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The best local lawn care services in Meridian

Removing debris and preparing the lawn for new growth.

Allowing the soil to breathe and nutrients to penetrate deeply.

Nourishing the lawn and preventing weeds.

Regular upkeep to maintain lawn health and appearance.

Keeping grass at an ideal height and edges neat.

Shaping and controlling the growth of hedges.

Keeping shrubs healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Removing leaves and preparing the lawn for winter.

Clearing fallen leaves to prevent mold and fungus growth.

Removing thatch layers to improve lawn health.

Fixing any damages to ensure efficient watering.

Preventing pipe freezing by removing water from the irrigation system.

Clearing snow from driveways and walkways to ensure safety.

Removing snow from larger areas or commercial properties.

Decorating your home or business for the holiday season.

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Lawn care services in Meridian

Your yard plays one of the most important roles in your outdoor space, acting as a hub for fun and relaxation. serving as a hub for recreation and relaxation. However, it’s normal for it to show signs of wear and tear over time. But don’t worry! Our Meridian Lawn Care services provide tailored solutions to revitalize your yard, turning it into the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood.

While some may think lawn care in Meridian is a DIY task, the truth is, that it’s more complex than meets the eye. From seeding to fertilizing, sodding to mulching, aerating to mowing, the list of tasks can be daunting for any homeowner. Save yourself the trouble and cost of handling it alone; entrust your lawn’s maintenance to the experts at Lawn Care Meridian for guaranteed excellence.

What we do

Full service lawn care in Meridian

At Lawn Care Meridian, our focus is on you, our valued customers. We provide a comprehensive range of lawn care services for residences and businesses throughout Meridian, ID. Our offerings are customized to meet the unique requirements of your lawn, guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction with our results. For those seeking reliable, high-quality lawn care throughout the year, we also provide the convenience of scheduled, recurring services.

To find out more about scheduling regular lawn care services in Meridian, or to chat with our local lawn care professionals about the best options for your lawn, please call or text (208) 352-2011 today to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation and quote!

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Residential lawn care in Meridian

Your lawn significantly impacts your property's overall appearance and value. For professional residential lawn maintenance, turn to Lawn Care Meridian. We offer reliable solutions, including mowing, fertilization, sprinkler repairs, and more. Contact us today to discover how our residential lawn care services in Meridian can enhance both your home and your yard's health.

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Commercial lawn care in Meridian

For your commercial property, ongoing care and maintenance are vital to keep your lawn lush and vibrant. Without proper attention, lawns can become dry, patchy, and overrun with weeds. With Lawn Care Meridian's commercial lawn care program, you can ensure a stunning and polished exterior for your business that impresses customers. Reach out today to explore how our commercial lawn care services can elevate your business and delight your customers.

How our kuna lawn care services work

Our approach to lawn care in Meridian

Experience the difference with Lawn Care Meridian’s skilled lawn care professionals, dedicated to boosting your home’s curb appeal through our comprehensive lawn maintenance programs. Customized to suit your unique requirements, schedule, and budget, our personalized solutions ensure your lawn stays lush and vibrant year-round. From regular lawn mowing to precise bush trimming and thorough yard clean-up, our services are affordable, hassle-free, and effective, allowing you to relish a flawless lawn without the stress.

Image the peace of mind of coming home to a perfectly groomed lawn every week, ready to unwind and savor your weekend in tranquility and elegance. Our Meridian, ID lawn care maintenance programs are designed to keep your landscape inviting and healthy throughout all seasons.

Don’t wait to transform your lawn into a neighborhood showcase. Call or text our lawn care experts at Lawn Care Meridian today at (208) 352-2011 and experience the difference our Meridian lawn service can make for your outdoor space. Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation now and start enjoying a more stunning lawn tomorrow.

Lawn care facts in Meridian, ID

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We pride ourselves on our honesty and fairness with our customers. There are no hidden fees or surprises with our professional lawn services. We also assure the utmost customer service and industry expertise.


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Our unwaveringly dependable lawn care services in Meridian have established us as a trusted and dependable choice in the industry over the years. Local Idahoans rely on us for numerous reasons, including top-notch service, competitive prices, and effective solutions


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Our commitment to quality service and prompt attention to all lawn care requirements have garnered the trust of our customers. That’s why they trust us without question for their Meridian lawn care needs.


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Affordable lawn care services in Meridian are within reach with us. We offer diligent lawn care solutions at budget-friendly prices, making it a simple choice to reach out to us.


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Since 2017, Lawn Care Meridian has been delivering the most reliable lawn care services to Idahoans. We take pride in our exceptional service and top-notch work. Our range of lawn care services includes mowing, hedge trimming, fertilization, weed control, spring cleanups, fall cleanups, sprinkler blowouts, and more. Get your complimentary consultation today.
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